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Land and maritime border between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia is a matter of an ongoing arbitration proceedings (in accordance with the Arbitration agreement between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia signed on 4 November 2009). Therefore this website, including its maps, is without prejudice to the border between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia.

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Slovenija - jugovzhod / SE
Slovenija - jugozahod / SW
До 22.07.2019 20:59 CET
Екстремно високи температури (Жълто)
Visoke temperature lahko vplivajo na zdravstveno stanje občutljivejšega dela populacije. Sredi dneva in popoldne priporočamo zadrževanje v senci in odsvetujemo velike fizične napore na prostem.

High temperatures may affect the health of sensitive members of the population. You are recommended to stay in the shade at midday and in the afternoon, while intense physical effort in the open is not recommended. Eat light food and drink enough liquids.
Vehicles parked in the sun should be aired out before driving.

До 26.07.2019 23:59 CET
Горски пожари (Жълто)


Slovenija - osrednja / Central
Slovenija - severovzhod / NE
Slovenija - severozahod / NW
До 22.07.2019 19:59 CET
Гръмотевични бури (Жълто)
Možne so krajevne nevihte. Lokalno možni močnejši nalivi, piš vetra in udari strel. Hitro lahko narastejo hudourniški vodotoki. Bodite pozorni na bližajoče se nevihtne oblake. Med nevihto se ne zadržujte na izpostavljenih mestih, počakajte na varnem mestu, nevihta običajno ne traja dolgo.

Thunderstorms are possible, accompanied by local intense precipitation and gusty winds. Intense local showers with wind blasts and lightning strikes are possible. Torrential watercourses may rise quickly. Rainwater floods are possible. Beware of approaching storm clouds. Do not linger in exposed locations, e.g. under trees or power lines. Wait in a safe place, as storms usually do not last long. 

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