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Weather warnings: Latvia

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Until 04.03.2021 22:59 CET
Flood (Yellow)
In Vidzeme and Latgale river basins lowest floodplains are inundated in places. Today and next day process will continue. BE AWARE of areas that are subject to flooding. The public are advised to be cautious when driving or walking in endangered areas  
Until 04.03.2021 22:59 CET
Flood (Orange)
Yesterday, on 02.03., water level was rising in Gauja-Carnikava because of ice movements. Water level at 22:00 was 1,97 m LAS.
Water level also was rising in Daugava-Zeļķi, where at 22:00 it was 74,21 m LAS.

At Zeļķi on 3rd March at 13.30 water level 534 cm above OS "0" mark or 74,70 m LAS. At Pļaviņu station at 13.30 918 cm above OS "0" mark or 71,42 m LAS.
It is expected that water level will rise in Plavinas today.

BE PREPARED to protect yourself and your property. Property and transport infrastructure flooding is possible. Electricity, water supply and communications may be disrupted. Evacuation may be needed. The public are advised to avoid travel and stay away from endangered areas  
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