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Information provided on METEOALARM for Italy regard only the intensity and recurrence of the phenomena, further details can be found at METEOALARM information do not provide the assessment of impact on the territory and they do not represent the Official Alerts messages that are issued by the National Civil Protection Service

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Italian Meteorological Service - CNMCA

Meteorologiskie bridinajumi: Italija

Bridinajumi - Jus varat atrast detalizetu informaciju par speka esošajiem bridinajumiem katram regionam. Izvelaties atbilstošo regionu!

Valle d'Aosta
lidz 24.06.2021 18:59 CET
Lietus (Dzeltens)
No Special Awareness Required

BE AWARE, keep up to date with the latest weather forecast. Expect some minor disruption to outdoor activities

Nessun Avviso

STARE (RIMANERE) ATTENTI. Tenersi aggiornati con le previsioni del tempo più recenti. Aspettarsi alcuni disagi minori per le attività all'aria aperta. 

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